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  1. For those who've been contacting us asking about copies of "Highpoint Adventures," here's the scoop.

    We have been totally out of the 2nd edition (the one with my smiling face on the front) for a long, long time. Sorry -- no plans to reprint or come up with a new edition.

    However, we DO have brand new, autographed copies of the 1st edition -- the "little green book" -- available for purchase.

    Visit our online Winger Bookstore at:


  2. A wonderful collection of mountaineering books is available for sale. Please contact Highpoint member Charles Cohen at for more information.

    Rick Ridgeway BELOW ANOTHER SKY Mint 1st Ed. $9.99
    Joe Simpson DARK SHADOWS FALLING Mint 1ST Ed. $9.99
    Brad Washburn ON HIGH- Mint 1ST ED. $19.99
    EVEREST THE UNCLIMBED RIDGE, Bonnington 1st UK Ed. $8.99
    JOHN McPHEE, TABLE OF CONTENTS mint 1st ed. $12.99

    Shipping will be $4.00 per book except for the Washburn book which is $5.50 because it is larger and heavier. I will discount shipping $1.00 per book for multiple purchases made at the same time. These books are from my collection of mountaineering, rock and ice climbing and exploration books and I will pack and ship it with care.