Trail, Trip and Travel Reports


  1. Bagged number 30 today. A very long and tiring Jerimoth Hill. No kidding. A 450 mile round trip in 97 degree weather with no AC. Katahdin later in the week. Illinois, Iowa & South Dakota the first weekend of August and then out west the end of August til we finish the rest or get blown out by early an winter.

  2. Hit IN and OH yesterday. The sign leading to the HP of IN as well as the HP sign itself are gone.

  3. If you're planning to do the SW Couloir route on Granite Peak MT this year (or any time you don't have a good current condition report), take an ice axe and crampons. The couloir is blocked with snow that would be fairly easy to climb with ice axe and crampons, but bypassing it on the rocks to the left involves about 30 feet of class-5 climbing. We made it without a rope, but I wouldn't want to do that again. Two other parties turned back the day we did it (8/16/10) because of the snow, and we met another party hiking in that turned back last year due to similar conditions and were returning now with ice axes and crampons to try again.

  4. Climbed Borah Peak, ID (# 13) last week. Chicken Out Ridge was the easiest part of the climb for me because it took stress off my knees. I highly recommend hiking poles...

  5. Finally reached number 40 this week. Climbed Humphrey's Peak last weekend with my husband Tom. Quite the finish with hair standing on end in an electrical storm on the summit ridge. Couldn't get down fast enough.

    Finished off our trip out west with a beautiful hike up Guadalupe Peak on Tuesday then a nonstop drive to Florida to begin the winter work season.

    A little note on Boundary Peak. We drove up Queen Canyon planning to camp at the Queen canyon Mine trailhead. The road to that point was pretty reasonable so Tom decided to see if we could make it to the saddle at the end of the road. There are a pretty good size holes and two steep sections but we got up without too much trouble (backed up once and got a running start) and this is in our 1995 Plymouth Voyager Soccer Mom climbing van. Any type of truck or 4wheel drive should have no problem.

    The benefit was a mile off the trudge up the road. We decided when got to the upper pass to pack up and hike tot he pass above the other canyon. We camped on this pass overnight and had an incredible stargazing session as well as a shorter summit day the next day.

    Try it. Anything is worth the effort to cut down on the scree slogging.

    Sorry we're missing the Konvention but we just ran out of time. Hope everyone is having fun in Mississippi.


    Started off at 7:30AM from Katahdin Stream Campground. Tried the Hunt Trail and got to about 3.3 to 3.4 miles up the trail. Was midway through the boulder field when I turned back at 10:30AM. Above the tree-line it was fogged out with 20-30 MPH winds and 20 degree temperatures. Worst conditions I ever experienced during a high-pointing attempt.

    Decided that caution was the better part of valor and returned back to camp. Took me four hours to descend. The boulder field was hairy in my view and going down further was tough because the trail was underwater due to a flowing stream. I was cautious descending on the wet rocks. Returned to camp at 2:30PM