Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Greetings and a Laurel and Hardy Handshake!!!

By now you've obviously found a place where you can get connected. We at the Highpointers Club are striving to keep our members on top of things as best as we can.

If you are not a member you are still welcome to participate. Believe me, we can use all the help, information, reports and just plain good stuff that we can get.

Feel free to visit the Highpointers Club online at: http://www.highpointers.org. Who knows... you may get a craving to join us? Just $20 a year US and $25 for Foreign Memberships.

Other than the Quarterly Newsletter "Apex to Zenith" we now offer Monthly e-Bulletins and occasionally an e-Alert to keep up in tuned between newsletters.

The Annual Club Konvention is being held in Muscle Shoals Alabama honoring the Highpoint of Mississippi - Woodall Mountain. It'll be in October so it'd be nice and cool.

For more information about the Club just email: Info@highpointers.org.

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